Advance Office Automation Training in STTI Nov 2016

Computer technology has recently been applied to the automation of office tasks and procedures. Much of the technology is aimed not at improving the efficiency of current office procedures, but at altering the nature of office work altogether. The development of automated office systems raises a number of issues for the organization. How will this technology be received by organization members? How will it affect the definition of traditional office work? What will be its impact on individuals, work groups, and the structure of the organization? This paper presents a descriptive model and propositions concerning the potential impacts of office automation on the organization and it stresses the need, when implementing automated office systems, to take a broad perspective of their potential positive and negative effects on the organization. The need for further research examining the potential effects of office automation is emphasized.


Needs and Importance

The need for automation is felt because of the following reasons. These reasons emphasize on importance of automation. The reasons are :

(a) Automation facilitate efficient and detailed information through the use of mechanical aids like computers.

(b) It ensures speedy recording. Processing and presenting of information.

(c) Increased volume of work, scarcity of time and the slow manual processes necessitate the introduction of automation.

(d) It facilitates better quality work by reducing errors which are created on manual work.

(e) Revolution in office has been brought by automation because increased volume of work is handled in a better manner with greater accuracy and speed because of automation. This process results in increased output.

(f) Automation increases the goodwill and reputation of the firm because it adds to the prestige and status symbol of the enterprise.

Keeping in view all the facts mentioned above, Punjab Vocational Training Institute, Punjab, aimed to train the Principals, Admin and Account Officers and Admission and Placement Officers for the new and better version of Microsoft Office 2013. For the purpose, a three days training workshop was held in Staff and Teachers Training Institute (STTI), the esteemed institute of PVTC. Click the link below to download all the training material delivered by the guest speaker.