BCOM Computer Studies, Important Questions Year 2019! Punjab University

Following is a list of proposed important question of BCOM, Computer Studies, University of the Punjab for the year 2019.


1.What is CPU? Explain in detail.                                        

2.What is input device ? Explain with example                         

3.What is Output device ?Explain in detail                             

4.What is the memory? Explain different types of memory in a computer system     

5.Explain The storage in the computer system ?and explain the different types of storage device in the computer ?                              


6.What is Computer? Explain its types in detail .                      

7.What is Analog and Digital Transmission? Explain with examples   

8.What are data processing and information? Discuss level of data processing. Differentiate between data and information?             

9.What are the various categories of computers? Explain with relevant examples Classification of Computers

  1. what is network topology ? Explain its types in detail .

11.what is significance (importance) of data processing in a business?   

12.Explain data processing Cycle? OR

How the data are converted into information? Explain with examples.    

  1. What is language? Explain the computer language in detail

14.What is language Processor/Translator? Explain its types in detail.                 

15.What is Microsoft  Word? Explain the various features of Microsoft Word?      

16.What is Microsoft Power Point 2007? Explain the various features of M.S. power point 2007?                                                  

17.What is Microsoft Excel 2007? Explain the various features of M.S. excel 2007?                                                                

  1. What is desktop of windows Xp ? explain its feature in detail


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