Hi Students.

I am uploading the Practical Papers for ICS Computer Science for the year 2018 here. This year, the practical is conducted in three sessions, starting from 8th of June, 2018.

Some of the groups are uploaded here. I am also writing the instruction how to write the procedure of Practical on answer sheet during practical exams. If you want to ask any question, you may write here in comments or mail me on info@informationtechnology.pk

Practical Paper Group 4


  • I created a new document in MS Word by pressing Ctrl + N key.
  • I typed first two lines and applied formatting from Format–> Font option according to the question paper
  • I inserted a table from Table Menu with two columns and one row.
  • I inserted Auto Shape from Insert Menu as in the paper and added text to it. I also change the text direction from Shape Properties
  • I types the text in the next cell and applied different styles of Bullets and Numbering from Format Menu.
  • I saved the document against my Roll No

Q.2 MS Excel

  • I created a sheet in MS Excel and inserted record for 5 employees.
  • I calculated Medical Allowance as :  =D4*37%
  • I calculated House Rent as :  =D4*9%
  • I added a column to calculate Income Tax by Right Click on F Column and selecting the option of Add Column to the Right
  • I calculated Income Tax as :  =D4*5%
  • I calculated Net Pay as:  =D4+E4+F4-G4
  • I saved the sheet against my roll no.

Note: Just write the complete Program of C Language. Be careful as Header Files, main function, clrscr function and getch function at the end are necessary to add. It means that you should write the structure of C Program even you are unable to write the logic of the program. So must write at least the following structure



void main(void)


//Here you should declare variables

clrscr( ) ;

//Her write the complete logic of program. Be careful about semicolon etc

getch( );


Download more group papers for practice. Feel free to contact me

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