Life in today’s world would be unimaginable without computers. They have made human lives better and happier. There are many computers uses in different fields of work. Engineers, architects, jewelers, and filmmakers all use computers to design things. Teachers, writers, and most office workers use computers for research, word processing and emailing. Small businesses can use computers as a point of sale and for general record keeping. Computers are now the major entertainers and the primary pass time machines. We can use computers for playing games, watching movies, listening to music, drawing pictures. Most of the medical information can now be digitized from the prescription to reports. Computation in the field of medicine allows us to offer varied miraculous therapies to the patients. ECG’s, radiotherapy wasn’t possible without computers.

There are two different courses offered in BS Classes:
  • CMP-101
  • CMP-111
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Course Outline for CMP-101 Click Here
Course Outline for CMP-111 Click Here