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Cicret: A Wearable Projection Band That Could Be The Next Killer Gadget

Wearable tech is amazing. From Glasses and wristbands to Smartwatches and fitness trackers, the field is opening up to a wide range of play. One company is willing to take things to the next level with a gadget that quite possibly has the potential

ماہانہ کمپیوٹنگ-Learn Advance Computer Research in Urdu June 2014

Hello Members… Here is the next edition of Mahana Computing June, 2014. The last digest was warmly welcomed and downloaded by a lot of readers. So the next, actually 2nd copy of the digest is available for download Here is

ماہانہ کمپیوٹنگ-Learn Advance Computer Research in Urdu

Hello Members… Thanks for visiting site. Here we are going to launch a new series of Learning Computing in Urdu. In the start of article, I would like to thank Mr. Mian Anjum, a senior programmer, who introduced us with

Introduction to Computers for Beginners

Are you new to the computer field? Do you wonder what people mean when they say the cloud, Windows, ISP, or app? Perhaps you just want to know more about how computers work. When it comes to learning today’s technology,

Units of computer memory measurements

Here is the list of units with which you can measure the amount of storage.  

30 Interesting Facts About Computers and Internet

How many times have you seen on your Facebook wall or around the Internet certain facts and been very fascinated by some of them. It is actually quite interesting some of them and as a guy who loves knowledge I wanted

Does your mobile support 3G?

  Hello friends. There are a lot of queries regarding the support of 3G in mobile sets. A great fuzz is here and there about 3G support in Pakistan. So keeping in mind all about that, and also the information