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Advance Office Automation Training in STTI Nov 2016

Computer technology has recently been applied to the automation of office tasks and procedures. Much of the technology is aimed not at improving the efficiency of current office procedures, but at altering the nature of office work altogether. The development

Learn Microsoft Office 2010 in Urdu

Hi everyone!   To work in every field of study, you need to know something about Microsoft Office. You are preparing a document, composing your CV, writing an application, working on Books, submitting your thesis, using workbooks, presenting your ideas

HTML Urdu Tutorial Book Free Download

Another HTML guide in Urdu for beginners. Download free tutorial book “HTML Urdu Course”. You can learn Html in Urdu language in only 10 days to become HTML expert. This book guides you from beginner to advance level step by

HTML & XML Urdu Tutorial Book Free Download

This is the start of new training course which will guide you from zero to the last to learn HTML / DHTML. This course will be followed by PHP training and will take you through the graphic designing in which