Computer Proficiency License (CS-001)

A course for every one…

CPL stands for Computer Proficiency License, also known as VU-CPL. It is a computer based training course offered to all who are interested in learning of the usage of computer applications, after going through this course you will become comfortable and confident about computer usage.

You can become proficient in the knowledge of computer utilization by using DVDs/CDs that are designed specifically for this course. It has six modules.

Module 1 – Introduction to Computers
Module 2 –Using the computer and managing files
Module 3 –Word processing
Module 4 – Spread sheets
Module 5 – Presentation
Module 6 – Information and communication


The objective of the above mentioned six modules is to provide sufficient knowledge about the computer and its utilization for you to perform your daily computer related tasks .with ease and confidence.

To download the book, please click the image below