Hijaz Ki Aandhi Novel Written By Inayatullah

Hijaz Ki Aandhi Novel Authored By Inayatullah.


There is a really immense assortment of Islamic historical novels in the book market. Hijaz Ki Aandhi novel (The Wind of Hijaz) is also an Islamic historical novel however you may browse the authentic history that is that the essence of the efforts of many famous historians. A responsible analysis and research work on Islamic history in Urdu.

In Hijaz Ki Aandhi novel, you may realize all interests of a story, however nobody unreal event or fictitious character has been included within the script. All characters and events are real and extracted from the authentic sources of Islamic history.

The story begins before few days of the death of the first Caliph Hazrat Abu Bakkr R.A, when he had appointed Hazar Umar Farooq R.A. as a second Caliph of Islam. He asked Umar R.A., “I will be able to survive a couple of days, prepare a Muslim army and send them to Iraq under the command of Hazrat Masna bin Harris R.A.”. The army, which was developed is a dramatic and unbelievable story.

You will find a clear glimpse of Hazrat Umar Farooq’s R.A. personality and leadership in this awesome novel. Click on the below mentioned link to read online and download the complete novel in Pdf format for offline reading.


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