HTML & XML Urdu Tutorial Book Free Download

This is the start of new training course which will guide you from zero to the last to learn HTML / DHTML. This course will be followed by PHP training and will take you through the graphic designing in which you will learn Adobe Photoshop in Urdu, DreamViewer in Urdu and so on.


Download free tutorial book “HTML Urdu Course”. You can learn Html in Urdu language in only 10 days to become HTML expert. This book guides you from beginner to advance level step by step at your own learning pace very easily. This book gives you detail insight of HTML.

You may ask why HTML as there are a lot of new technology, languages and frameworks are available now? So make it very clear that HTML is the basic of all Web Development Techniques. If you don’t know whats going on at the back-end of Websites, you will be unable to understand the working of all technologies.

So it is very important to understand HTML.


HTML stands for Hyper-Text Markup Language used for making web pages using CSS and PHP. HTML is initial and basic course for web designing. If you want to become a web developer than you have to learn HTML first because you can not proceed to other courses of web developing without HTML. The HTML language is very easy.

Many people thinks that Dreamviewer has reduced the and finished the importance of HTML, but I think they are wrong because you will miss HTML while working on Dreamviewer. Moreover you will also miss HTML while working on blogspot blogging i.e the most easiest way to make static web pages. I claim that you can learn HTML by reading this book. Because there are many images in the book for your understanding the concept.

You need just Note pad, word pade, MS word or any other text editor for learning HTML.

To download the file. Click on the following image

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