March 22, 2019

Important Question 3rd Year, Computer Studies, Punjab University

Theory for Visual basic


what is a data base ? explain the uses of data control

Differentiate between structured programming and OOP              

what is variable ? in visual basic what do you mean by scope of variable.   

what do you means by a user defined sub procedure. Explain by giving     example                                                                                                        

differentiate between input box function and msgbox function.        

write a descriptive note on sequential access of file .                

What is program solving ?explain its advantages .         

What is variable ?explain different data types in VB.   

What is an algorithm and pseudo code?                                                 

What is OOP? Explain its importance                                                     

what are user define data types? which data type are support

what are control element? Explain the sub procedure .

what are optional arguments ? Write code example using optional arguments

what are event procedure .with example .                                                                      

what are arrays? Explain two array related functions                          

what are difference between logical and syntax error with example

what are sequential Access data file ?                 

What are arithmetic operator in visual basic ?explain with example

What is user define data types explain with example .                        

In visual basic how select case help in coding .                                     

Discuss the different properties of form in detail .

Difference between modules and procedure                             

explain the difference between the argument byval and byRef with the help of an example

What is syntax error, logical error and run time error?

Explain the difference Pretest and Posttest Do While Loops with the help of suitable example.


Program 1 .Write a program that keeps taking a number as an input as long as the sum the entered numbers is less than 1000

Program 2. the program should calculate the average test score and assign a letter grade based on the following grading scale .

Average Test score Letter grade
90 or greater A
80 through 89 B
70 through 79 C
60 through 69 D
Below 60 F

Program 3. write a VB program that find out the number of common elements of two arrays of N elements each :-

Sample Run :-


Array A :-      2          8          5          15        12

Array B:-        1          9          6          8          15

Output :-

Number of common elements = 2

Program 4.what is a function ? Write a function that receives three numbers and returns

The largest of the three numbers :-

Program 5. Write a VB program that receive 10 integers and store them in an two array . write the procedure check the elements of array are repeated / duplicate or different .

Array A
17 20 -12 65 36 39 78 -32 90 90
Array B
17 20 -12 65 36 39 78 -32 90 90

Both arrays are same .

Program 6.  Write a program that asks the user to enter 20 numbers from a user and stores these number into array . your program should perform the following task .

  1. Write a function that counts the positive number in array
  2. Write a function that counts the even numbers that in array .
  3. Write a function that calculate the average of the number in a the array
  4. Write a function that countsum of the numbers

Program 7. A prime number is a number that is only evenly divisible by itself and 1 . for example , the however 5 is prime number because it can only be divided by 1 and 5 .the number 6 , however is not prime because  it can be divided evenly by 1,2 ,3 and 6 . write a function, which  name is prime , which takes an integer number as an arguments and returns true if the arguments is a prime number , or false otherwise . demonstrate the function in  complete program .

Program 8. Write a program that asks a cricket-scorer to enter runs made by Shahid Afridi in the each of T20 cricket match he has played in the last year. A loop should be used to enter the runs for each match, and keep a running total. When the loop finishes, the program should display the total runs made by Shahid Afridi, your program should also displays the number of centuries scored made by him.

Program 9. Write a VB6.0 program that should take a positive number n input from the user and display three numbers whose average is equal to n.

Program 10. write a program that should takes two numbers (that is , first and last ) from the user  and display all the numbers and their square in the form of an order pair between first and last numbers

For example if user enter 2 to 5 then it should display pairs

(2,4) (3,9) (4,16) (5,25)

Program 11. write a VB program that should take 10 number from user . your program should find and display the maximum number .      

Program 12. Write a VB program that should takes 10 numbers from user as input data .your program should separate count the even and odd numbers presents in input . print both of the counts on the screen .
Program 13. write a VB program that should takes a number n as input .your program print first 10 multiples of n by using loop .

Program 14. Write a program that read 10 numbers from user and store them in an array. Print the numbers in ascending order . A sample program is given below .    

7,8,90,34,2,9,12,1,10,32  Output :-  1,2,7,8,9,10,12,32,34,90

Program 15. write a VB program that takes N numbers as input .it print the maximum number and its frequency (number of occurrence ) .                           

Sample no  1

N= 10

The 10 inputs are 7,20 , -1 , 65 , 36 , 90, 78 , 90 ,90 ,-2

Maximum is 90

Frequency is 3

Program 16. Write a VB program that takes n numbers as input from array  .it outputs the frequency of positive and negative numbers . A sample input and out put as follows:-.                                 


N = 12

The 12 numbers are as under :-

40 , 0 , -1 , 59 , -37 , 283 , 61 , 387 , -91 , -103 , 341 , 523

Output :-

Frequency of positive numbers :- 8

Frequency of negative numbers :- 4











Introduction to computer

  • What is computer? Explain information processing cycle.
  • what is video and audio input? Name and explain some device used for audio and video input.
  • What is the purpose of output device? Explain the features of CRT and LCD monitors in detail.
  • .What are advantages of a computer network? Explain the common types of networks in detail.
  • What is meant by a network ?how does the data traveled from one computer to other computer
  • What is the importance of a output device in computer system?
  • What is system software ?what is importance of operating system in the computer and explain with example .
  • What is a portable computer ?explain different type of portable computer .how the portable computer system are affecting our daily routines in this modern era .
  • What is meant by software development life cycle ?explain different phases of software development life cycle .                                                       \
  • What is internet ?What are the major services provided through the internet? and  Email is not a real time communication system what does it means?
  • What is the importance of a memory ? How many different kind of memory device provided in the computer system .
  • what are the basic parts of computer system?
  • differentiate between standard and specialized expansion ports in a personal
  • What are the difference type of computer system with example .
  • What is importance operating system for user and computer
  • What are the different types of operating system .
  • Which operating system are used in handheld devices? Explain the facilities they provide to the users.
  • What are the different output devices a home user may use in his on her computer?
  • What is meant by network topology ? Explain the different types of network topologies ?
  • What is the purpose of storages medium in a computer system ? explain different kind of storages media .
  • What is the purpose of a utility program? Write down the different types of utility programs.
  • Define the following terms: -Device Driver , Virus and worm  , File and folder Voice Recognition Software , Math co- coprocessor , System clock
  • System Software , Web Portal ,Virus program
  • What are the steps involved In the machine cycle to execute Instructions?
  • Describe the basic operations of machine cycle.
  • Briefly explain different quality characteristics of display devices.
  • .What is computer network? Discuss the working of modem, hub , switch and router.