Following is the list of important question of Computer Studies, Fourth Year (4th Year) Part II. These questions are selected on the basis of last ten years past papers of the university.

University of The Punjab

Important Questions Computer Studies for B.A./B.Sc. Third Year

Annual Examination 2018 for the Subject

Operating system

  1. Types of operating system
  2. Interrupt and traps
  3. Process scheduling criteria
  4. Difference between long term, short term and midterm scheduler
  5. Booting file, core file
  6. Paging, overlays
  7. Segmentation, segmentation with paging
  8. Page fault (FIFO, NRU, SCA)
  9. Deadlock condition & prevention
  10. Pre-processor directory, directory level
  11. Line configuration, topology
  12. TCP/IP suite
  13. OSI model


What is database? explain the advantages of database processing system

What is file processing system? explain disadvantages of file processing system

What are components of DBMS.

Explain the types of keys in DBMS.

Function of database.

Data base independence

Important definitions: – entity, Entity set, Entity class, Entity instance, cardinality of relation, cardinality of relationship, degree of relationship, degree of relation, super type, subtype, types of dependencies, types of constraint in DBMS.

Important command of SQL, where clause, order by clause, group by clause, AVG, count, create command, insert command, updates commands.

Normalization essential (INF to 3NF)