Following is the list of important question of Computer Studies, Third Year (3rd Year) Part I. These questions are selected on the basis of last ten years past papers of the university.

University of The Punjab

Important Questions Computer Studies for B.A./B.Sc. Third Year

Annual Examination 2018 for the Subject

Visual Basic

Question no 1                                                                                                                      

Write a program that asks the user to enter 20 numbers from a user and stores these number into array . your program should perform the following task .

  1. Write a function that counts the positive number in array
  2. Write a function that counts the even numbers that in array .
  3. Write a function that calculate the average of the number in a the array

Question no 2. A prime number is a number that is only evenly divisible by itself and 1 . for example , the however 5 is prime number because it can only be divided by 1 and 5 .the number 6 , however is not prime because  it can be divided evenly by 1,2 ,3 and 6 . write a function, which  name is prime , which takes an integer number as an arguments and returns true if the arguments is a prime number , or false otherwise . demonstrate the function in  complete program .

Question No 3 Write a program with a loop that lets the user enter a series of integers . the user should enter 99 to signal the end of the series . after all the numbers have been entered the program should display the largest and smallest numbers .

Question no 4 Write a program that asks a cricket-scorer to enter runs made by Aurangzeb khan  in the each of T20 cricket match he has played in the last year. A loop should be used to enter the runs for each match, and keep a running total. When the loop finishes, the program should display the total runs made by Aurangzeb khan  your program should also displays the number of centuries scored made by him.

Question no 5  Write a VB6.0 program that should take a positive number n input from the user and display three numbers whose average is equal to n.

Question no 6  Write a program that inputs two positive numbers and display all even number between these two numbers.

Question no 7 A country club , which currently charge RS. 2500 per year for membership has , announced it will increase its membership fee by 4% each year  for next 6 years . write a program uses loop to display the projected for next six years.

Question no 8 The Area of a rectangle is the rectangle’s multiplied by its width .write program that asks for length and width of two rectangles . The program should tell the user which rectangle has the greater area or if the area are the same .

Question no 9 Write a program in VB that should takes 3 numbers from user as input .your program find and print the square and cube of these three numbers on the screen .  

Question no 10 write a VB program that should takes 10 numbers as input and store  them in an array. It should print the number of even numbers among those numbers .you need to use if –else and loop in your program .                                                                                               

Question no 11. Write a program that read 10 numbers from user and store them in an array. Print the numbers in ascending order . A sample program is given below .           12.5

Question no .12.  write a VB program that takes N numbers as input .it print the maximum number and its frequency (number of occurrence ) .                                                                

Sample no  1

N= 10

The 10 inputs are 7,20 , -1 , 65 , 36 , 90, 78 , 90 ,90 ,-2

Maximum is 90

Frequency is 3


Question no 13 Write a VB program that takes n numbers as input .it outputs the frequency of positive and negative numbers . A sample input and out put as follows:-.  


N = 12

The 12 numbers are as under :-

40 , 0 , -1 , 59 , -37 , 283 , 61 , 387 , -91 , -103 , 341 , 523

Output :-

Frequency of positive numbers :- 8

Frequency of negative numbers :- 4

Question no . 14  write a VB program that takes N numbers as input .it print the maximum number and its frequency (number of occurrence ) .                                                            

Sample no  1

N= 10

The 10 inputs are 7,20 , -1 , 65 , 36 , 90, 78 , 90 ,90 ,-2

Maximum is 90

Frequency is 3

Solution :-

Question NO 15 Write a VB program that reads n values in a list and print the product of the value and position at which it resides in the list .product = L[1]*1 , product = L[2] * 2 and so on

Note the list does not change :-                                                                                                     

Example:- position :- 1                    2          3          4          5

Value          5                      3          7          1          4

Output :-        5                      6          21        4          20


Important theory

Question No .1 what is event driven programming ?differentiate between event driven programming and visual programming

Question no 2  What is meant by structure programming? Describes event procedures , function procedures and modules . also given one coding for each type of the procedure .

Question no .3 Explain the following programming concept with example

  1. data types in visual basic
  2. variables and their scope in a program
  3. branching & looping instructions
  4. function procedure
  5. relational operator .

Question NO 4. briefly explain the different between the following terms :- 

  1. variable and constant
  2. low level and high level programming language
  3. conditional and repletion statement in VB

Question no 5 . How many types of controls are available in visual basic ?

Information Technology

Question No 1. What is the importance of a output device in computer system? write  a note on output device used in handheld computer .

Question No 2.. What is computing machine ?explain the following parts of computing machine :

Question No3. What is system software ?what is importance of operating system in the computer and explain with example .

Question No 4 What is a portable computer ?explain different type of portable computer .how the portable computer system are affecting our daily routines in this modern era .                                                                                                                                                 

Question No5 What is meant by software development life cycle ?explain different phases of software development life cycle .

Question No 6. What is the importance of a memory ? How many different kind of memory

device provided in the computer system .

Question No 7.  differentiate between standard and specialized expansion ports in a personal computer , name of least three with example .

Question NO 8a) What are the difference type of computer system with example .                                     (b) How can the filed the information help in enhancing the education standard.

Question No9 (a) What type of storage devices used in computer.

(b) What are the different type of application software used for home user .

Question No10  (a) What is importance operating system for user and computer

Question no 11

  1. Which operating system are used in handheld devices? Explain the facilities they provide to the users.
  2. What are the different output devices a home user may use in his on her computer?

Question no 12.  

  1. How does database facilitate a businessman to access their business record efficiently?
  2. Why do we need to use antivirus software? Write the names some antivirus software.

Question no 13

What is meant by network topology ? Explain the different types of network topologies ?

Question no 14. What is the purpose of storages medium in a computer system ? explain different kind of storages media .

Question No 15.What is computer network? Discuss the working of modem, hub , switch and router.