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Be Careful. Robots are going to take your place in the following jobs! Alarming

The 5 Jobs Robots Will Take First Oxford University researchers have estimated that 47 percent of U.S. jobs could be automated within the next two decades. But which white-collar jobs will robots take first? First, we should define “robots” (for

Keep a Scanner in Your Pocket. Scan everything!

Now a days, we have to save a lot of receipts in our pockets as they may be demanded by the shops and stores for any complaint and return of the goods. It is a very difficult task. The following

Batteries! The Silent Terrorists….

The new research on batteries has put a lot of question marks on the use of Lithium-Ion Batteries. These batteries not only burst during the process of charging and even use but also excrete toxic gases which are very dangerous

5G Technology! Will be available up to 2020

Qualcomm Incorporated is a world leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies has announced the new series for the data transfer over cellular network. The 5G technology will be 5 times faster than the currently available technology i.e. LTE.

Solid State Disks are going to be affordable. Thanks Samsung

Its a great news for computer lovers. Samsung is working on the project of manufacturing of Solid State Disks(SSDs) at an affordable price. It will be materialize in 2010 hopefully

The smallest Transistor of the World! A great Invention…

A substitute of Silicon Transistor is developed in the University of California that uses Molybdenum Di-sulfate and Carbon Nano tube. It is a huge step to the future that will enable scientists to develop very small chips. For more details,

Recover Your Lost or Deleted Data from Android and IPhone

Artificial Intelligence will eliminate Human Being from Earth

You Can Now Upload Knowledge Directly into Your Brain

In the Matrix, Keanu Reeves had himself uploaded martial arts, (Neo) brain connected the computer through a cable into his skull. He was able to use the uploaded skills right away. It is a science fiction movie, so there is

Advance Office Automation Training in STTI Nov 2016

Computer technology has recently been applied to the automation of office tasks and procedures. Much of the technology is aimed not at improving the efficiency of current office procedures, but at altering the nature of office work altogether. The development