Suggestions for Paper Setters, Head Examiners and Sub Examiners

Problems and their proposed solution:

Here are the suggestions for Paper Setters, Head Examiners and Sub Examiners, Please click the following link… Here you will find the training slides which were presented by Board Trainers on April 26, 2014




There is specific rules according to the Board’s calendar about the following required examiners for SSC and HSSC these are:

  1. Paper Setter
  2. Head Examiner
  3. Sub Examiner

As far to concerned about these examiners appointment, they are appointed by selection committee, which contain on following nominees.

  1. Chairman.
  2. Vice Chancellor of University
  3. Director of Education

So above mention examiners are appointed by chairman and other nominees. They focusing on some important points like experience key qualification, character or conduct information of paper setter, sub examiner and head examiner, which are as under:

  1. Paper Setter Education and Experience:

Paper setter must be Master degree in the subject with seven years of experience for each subject, there is might be at least five paper setter per paper who working on paper making for relevant subject in which they holding master degree. e.g. English of SSC and HSSC there will five paper setter for each exam. Each will be responsible paper making according to their discretion & Article (4) of this chapter Chairman is empowered to appoint Paper Setter, Sub examiner and Head examiner at time of emergency.

  1. Head Examiner Education and Experience

Head examiner should have post graduate with seven years experience, though CE can also appoint Head examiner of each subject with consent of Chairman according to the rules describe in Board’s Calendar.

  1. Sub Examiner Education and Experience

Sub examiner is trained graduate with three years teaching experience instead of that there are un trained graduate, Inter pass and SAVs, CTs, JAVs with five years experience. Moreover for HSSC sub examiner shall hold post graduate degree in subject with three years of teaching experience.

BISE Lahore can adopt own selection procedure about paper setter.

As for to concern about these Head examiner, Sub Examiner the authority can get information about theses examiners from different teachers working with them in Colleges and Schools as well from different localities about their conduct and involvement and interest etc. Moreover preferable head examiner and sub examiner are as under:


  1. SET with Master in that subject and having with experience
  2. Teacher with Master degree in subject and having CT post with teaching
  3. AT and TT for Islamiyat only with Master equivalent degree.
  4. DM for Art Model Drawing etc.
  5. Principals, Head Master of a School with Master degree with seven years experience.


    1. Professors, Associate Professor and Lecturer.